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Nodejs and PostgreSQL Tutorial with Example

Postgresql database connectivity in NodeJS

PostgreSQL is one of the popular open source [Object]- relational database, PostgreSQL supports json datatypes as well as you can define your own datatypes so its a good choice to use in your project. If you are using Nodejs as backend then you need PostgreSQL database driver to connect with nodejs. There are various driver available but most popular and well documented  is node-postgres [pg] so today we are going to learn how to use PostgreSQL with nodejs using stored procedure and connection pooling. Let’s start. (more…)

Nodejs and MySQL Tutorial With Example

Today We are going to learn MySQL database connectivity with nodejs . MySQL is very popular and open source database people use so if you also going to use mysql in your project then this tutorial will help you.  You know database is required to save user data and mysql is good choice in this. In this tutorial i will cover calling simple query , stored procedure using nodejs application on mysql and how to call db query in high load website so lets start.